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Name Koichi Miyashiro  (Birth: January 26, 1943 in Tokyo, Japan. Male)
Address 1-7-12 Higashi-nakanobu, Shinagawaku, Tokyo 142-0052, Japan
E-mail tokyoborn@good-wine.com
Telephone +81-3-5751-7456
Fax +81-3-3786-3659
Education BA: Graduated from Indonesian (Area Studies) Department, Tokyo University For Foreign Studies, Tokyo

Introduction - My Strength

Welcome to the Web site of Miyashiro Translation Service, a Tokyo-based SOHO that is owned and run by Koichi Miyashiro.

I started as a freelance over ten years ago (1992). After finishing college until I set out as a freelance I spent most of the time as a diplomat and then a businessman in other countries, mainly in Indonesia and California, USA. During the career, I served the Japanese government (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and several private companies and experienced businesses in various industries.

I believe that excellent translation and interpreter services can be offered only based on good understanding of issues discussed in translation scripts or business meetings in addition to a good command of the foreign language. My services cover a wide variety of areas from information technologies and communications (software, networking, database, hardware, etc.), businesses and economy (general economic trends, export and import, marketing, sales, corporate management, agreements, and correspondence), machinery and equipment (machine tools, air-conditioning, automotives, plant management, etc.), to international economy and politics and in those areas I have been rated as a valuable top-class translator, interpreter, as well as lecturer in the industry. I believe that I could make such reputations favored by my good understating on issues discussed in given scripts or in meetings based on my business career.

In addition, I had countless chances in the above career to get engaged in translation and interpreter activities in actual diplomatic negotiations, business transactions, manufacturing sites, and management meetings. Definitely those experiences help me now provide services considering client positions and sharing clients' viewpoints.

Available Services

  • Daily capacity: E-J 3,000 words, J-E 2,000 words
  • Area: IT, machinery and plant, economy, and agreements.
  • Languages: English - Japanese, & Indonesian - Japanese (reciprocal)

Business meeting interpreter service in areas of IT (hardware and software), machinery and plant both in and outside of Japan.

  • Translator education
  • Training of translation using Trados translatoin assistance tools
  • Consulting on oraganization of team translation system based on Trados
  • Market research in Japan or the USA
  • Liaison office for representing your company or products in Japan
  • In-house translator education/training

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Translation Environment

  • Hardware: IBM AT compatibles (Linux server: Dell PowerEdge 600SC + Windows XP Professional clients: Dell Dimension 2400 Pentium III x 2, a Dell Inspiron 1150, and an IBM ThinkPad (A21e)) connected in a LAN.
  • Software: Microsoft Office 2003 Professional, Trados Translation Suite 6.5 (LSP edition), Adobe FrameMaker 7.0 and Adobe Acrobat, etc.
  • Communications: Internet access with a 1 GB Optical fiber line.

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